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My Over 45 Years of Direct Marketing Expertise Will Lead You To Great Success


I would like to offer you the opportunity to learn from and use my direct marketing expertise in your business. My extensive experience in direct marketing, detailed below, will ensure that you achieve significant success in your business within the Japanese market. I am ready to provide the most effective marketing methods and strategies from a wide selection, all of which have proven to be the most effective and efficient in my 45+ years of experience in international commerce.

With a background that includes experience as an operations manager, an executive director for several esteemed international companies, and as a direct marketing consultant for companies in Japan, I have a wealth of experience that is reliable and available to you.

Akira Oka

Profile of Akira Oka

I have been proudly committed to providing professional training in DM to further promote this industry in Japan in the following roles.
  • DM Consultant
  • International Council Member, Database Council Member, and International ECHO Ambassador, ECHO Judge for Direct Marketing Association (DMA) of America

Appointed DMA International ECHO Ambassador, Japanese representative in October 2006 and continue to fulfill this role.

  • 1991: Established Direct Marketing Japan, Inc. (DMJ)
    • Offering consulting services that fully utilize DM expertise gained at international enterprises
    • Business areas include publishing, finance, credit card member expansion, food & beverage, cosmetics, retail, database development for direct marketers, DM production, and DM seminars (both domestic and overseas)
  • 1987– Vice President, Citicorp - Citibank N.A.
    • Responsible for Direct Marketing Division in the banking business, expanded retail banking, financing, and foreign currency deposit accounts
    • Served as first Japanese Vice President in the credit card business; successfully increased new card members and direct sales business of various merchandisers
  • 1983– Director of Direct Marketing, American Express International, Inc.
    • First Japanese citizen to serve in this position
    • Contributed to expanding the market and enhancing Amex Gold and Green Cards
    • Involved in establishment of large-scale database and system for data analysis, new member acquisition, card member retention, and development of techniques for DM production
    • Expanded insurance, travel-related products and services, and direct sales
  • 1978– Sales Director, Reader’s Digest
    • As Direct Marketing Director, developed publications and other products for direct sales, including merchandising, planning, and development of test ideas
    • Successfully introduced company to Japanese market and promoted sales after testing a variety of global DM production techniques
  • 1963– First Direct Marketing Director, Time Life Books,Time Inc., Japan office
    • Introduced DM expertise, developed in the U.S.—the birthplace of direct marketing—to the Japanese market
    • Main products included English magazines (Time, Life, Fortune) and Japanese publications in the areas of natural science, world history, western arts, photography, photo books, gardening, cooking, and music records
    • Established mail order systems such as a membership book club

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Please feel free to contact me. I am prepared to actively tackle any challenges you present.


Corporate Profile

Offering you the best customized communication solutions to optimize your business promotional tools in any industry.

Company name: Direct Marketing Japan, Inc.
Address: 1-6-2-307, Wakaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0011, Japan
Tel: 080-4123-7755
Fax: 042-349-1556
Email: Click here to submit an inquiry by email.
URL: http://www.dmj-inc.co.jp/english/
Establishment: February, 1991
Paid-in Capital: ¥10,000,000
President & CEO: Akira Oka
Participating Parties
Data and Marketing Association (DMA) of America
—Database Council Member, International ECHO Ambassador, ECHO Judge
Background: 1991  Established Direct Marketing Japan, Inc.
1987– Vice President, Citicorp-Citibank N.A.
1983– Director of Direct Marketing, American Express International, Inc.
1978– Sales Director, Reader’s Digest
1963– Marketing Director, Time-Life Inc.
Line of Business:
  • Comprehensive assistance in preparation and start-up of mail order and direct sales business
  • Planning and production of successful direct mailings
  • Development of response lists
  • Introduction and brokerage of effective lists
  • Assistance in database and systems development
  • Telemarketing planning and operations
  • Assistance in international business development
  • Organization of DM seminars
Membership: Official Member of Japan Direct Mail Association (JDMA)
Member of Direct Marketing Association (DMA) of America


Direct Marketing Association of America.

Akira Oka: Top Direct Marketer with an over 45-year-long career.

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