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Creative Services

Creative Services

Our creative services prepare direct mail for you as well as other forms of direct response ads. Direct marketing ads are a sure means for generating responses from customers, leading to their product purchases and requests for services. The goal of direct response ads is therefore to retain your current customers and generate potential ones. We are genuinely proud of our ability to help you achieve this goal by producing highly effective and innovative ads that appeal strongly to the target customer. Using our response ads can result in a 120% response increase and higher ROI.

Our creative services are closely aligned with database marketing processes. Through these services we explore various test marketing methods, means of creating product appeal, and ways to customize analysis of prospective target characteristics in order to correlate them with direct ads. Let us provide ad-creation services and database marketing techniques for maximum cost-effectiveness so that you gain more customers.

Our Services Include:

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Direct Marketing Association of America.

Akira Oka: Top Direct Marketer with an over 45-year-long career.

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